My goal is to make you feel like a natural in front of my lens. Many clients express discomfort not knowing how to pose and model, but I assure you that you can stop worrying. I want our session to be as candid as possible. I want you to feel true to your “togetherness” where nothing is forced. I’ll sooner make an idiot of myself by making you laugh with my inspiring (and silly) directorial prompts. I love when clients trust my vision. Yes, it will look good even if it feels awkward at first. The more adventurous we are, the more fun we’ll have. 

Speaking of adventurous, I can always gauge a good session by how messy my hair and makeup are by the end. The photos are gorgeous and I look as if a hurricane touched down on my head. I blame the light. I go where it takes me, under bushes, over fallen trees, in the sand. I am obsessed and constantly staring at it, analyzing the way it moves. When I finish a session, often families always remark on how much fun they had. Amazing! They tell me insider information like “My brother-in-law didn’t want to do this, but he had so much fun!” That experience validates my purpose, and I couldn’t be happier with that result.

You can stop worrying about feeling awkard in front of the camera.

trust me:

Family Photographer NJ

If we are relaxing between shots and I see a group of people doing something funny, I make sure to jog over ready to snap that candid moment. My favorite reaction is, “I can’t believe you got that!” This should be a natural, exciting experience for everyone. 

I LOVE the beach at dusk and usually meet with clients an hour before the sun sets. I also love traveling to your special location, especially if it comes with a story. Like a home that has been in the family for many generations or a place where you got engaged or first met. I really want the photos to be a reflection of you; the more personal the better. 

This isn't just any old portrait session, it’s an artistic experience.

A bride once told me she felt as though her best friend was taking the photos. It’s in those moments I’m overjoyed. It makes me feel good as a person and a professional when, for a moment, we can all forget the distractions in the world and just be energized together. It gives me confidence to continue on my personal journey when people appreciate those treasured moments; happy memories all because of one single photograph.


tattoos (I have over 20!)
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